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Central Arms Co. Posted: Wed Feb 28, am. Here is a chance to secure your place in heaven! A friend of mine has recently told me about his father's old shotgun that came into his possession after he passed away. He also showed me a picture in which his father was holding the shotgun and an old Tom he shot during gobbler season. He told me he would like to learn more about the shotgun in question so I offered my services.

Unfortunately, I have found next to nothing on the web. Could someone give me any information about this shotgun? A Louis, sn I appreciate all your help and will definitely pass on the information and give you all the credit.

This would mean a lot to this man. Thanks again. The sidelock guns were made by Crescent Fire Arms Co. Posted: Wed Feb 28, pm. Posted: Thu Mar 19, pm. Uuuuuummmmmm I don't think that the serial number I think maybe it's a model number? Posted: Fri Mar 20, pm. If the gun has the Apr. Lewis and assigned to the J.

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This patent covers a hammerless double with coil-spring driven strikers, rather than internal hammers rotating about an axle. From the time of the patent until the Mids this action was used on a number of different Stevens, Riverside and Springfield doubles as well as many marked with a variety of "trade names.

Catalogue No. The plants of the J. Stevens Arms Co. By they introduced a slightly upscale version called the Stevens No. The Stevens No. By the gauge and. DuringJ.

Also, during they introduced the Springfield No. And, finally for J. ForJ. I just took a look at an old Shapleigh Hardware Co. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. Author Message WVmtneer. Post subject: Central Arms Co. Utility Grade. Post subject: re: Central Arms Co.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Add to Cart. Central Arms LLC offers retail gun sales, specializing in special orders for hard to find firearms, ammunition and accessories. Search Site. Cart 0. Central Arms LLC. Shop By Manufacturer. Gun Parts. Show 12 24 Grey Ghost Prec Glock 17 Slide.

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central arms shotgun parts

We will contact you after the auction to arrange payment and shipping. If you bid on items that are antique we can release the firearms to you or ship directly to your preferred address.


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central arms shotgun parts

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central arms shotgun parts

A Central Arms Co. Item Views. Rating Definition. OE - GOOD - some minor replacement parts; metal smoothly rusted or lightly pitted in places, cleaned; principal lettering, numerals and design on metal legible; lightly scratched, bruised or minor cracks repaired; in good working order. C Stevens Model Shotgun. Click here to see keyboard shortcuts. Exits full screen view for items. Moves to previous lot, or moves to previous image if full screen view is enabled.

central arms shotgun parts

Moves to next lot, or moves to next image if full screen view is enabled.Due to the coronavirus COVID outbreak and measures imposed by our state government, our operations are temporarily suspended. Granted errors are made,but a blanket statement such as the one you have made, here, does nothing to clear up the situation.

If you have data that conflicts with the published data, please share it with us. As stated, it clears up nothing for anybody, but simply adds to the confusion. Do you have something to back this statement?

Thank You. Lovell Co. OK, here is some clarification. People on this site keep directing me to look at Crescent Arms shotguns. They are not the same in any way. I hope this clears up any misundrestanings I may have caused. Stevens purchased Crescent ,merged it with Davis-Warner Arms co. So yes, the intermals of your Crescent could very well be Stevens or Davis. A very twisted tale we weave, and this is not the first time this twisted tale has caused confusion.

I have the same problem with parts for my Central Arms Shotgun. Mine is a 16 Ga hammerless double with side locks and double triggers. Is there a site were we could look at pictures of the different types of Central Arms Shotguns?

I have a quick question: I have one of these shot guns and I took it apart quickly in 3 different pieces. Now I can't get it back together. It's odd that the gun must be cocked before I can assemble the barrel back to the but of the gun, There's a little lactch in there that is stright out and I must put the two barrels inside that before I can hook the barrels togetehr with the c like latch.

Hard to explain, I wish I could show pictures. Have you ever heard of this and know How I can do it? I about stabbed myself with the screw driver, trying to cock it like that, so I can reassemble the barrels. Thanks I'm really wanting this back togehter. Once before this happen and it took some time to get it back, now I can't seem to find the way.

Thanks agaian for any help. Notifications Close. To clear up once and for all a central arms model iis not. Author Message Numrich Archiver. Posted: February 9, PM. Posted: February 10, PM. Posted: February 11, AM. Posted: February 12, AM. Posted: November 17, AM.Central Arms Co. Posted: Sun Feb 20, pm. I have a Central Arms Co. At the present time the butt stock is missing. I am looking for info as to who made this and whose parts might fit. Left side: Central Arms Co.

April 20 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Central Arms co was a trade name of the Shapleigh Hardware Co. Louis Mo There were two manufacturers of these guns one was the Crescent Arms co, if it's a sidelock. The other is Stevens if it's a boxlock. Posted: Mon Feb 21, am. Posted: Mon Feb 21, pm. This gun is a boxlock. I was just in Hoosier Gun Works and the drawings of stocks that I found it looks like this might be a Stevens mod. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic.

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Matarese Jr.The following list shows the brand name and the original model it should cross over to for parts ordering. We would appreciate comments, additions and corrections to the list. We are not equipped to give individual info on firearms or values. We are in the parts business.

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Trade names used by many companies. Cross Reference Many major retailers Sears, Wards, etc. Higgins see Sears J. Penney common name, Foremost J. Penney Marlin 80C J. Penney Marlin 80 J. Penney Glenfield 20 J. Penney Marlin 49DL J. Penney Marlin J. Penney Glenfield 30A J. Penney Savage J. Penny Parker Hale J. Penney Glenfield 50 J. Penney Marlin 55 J. Penney Springfield A, Y J. Penney Glenfield 60 J. Penney Marlin 99C J. Penney Springfield 67H J.Please be sure to post images when you're asking what the value of your firearm s is.

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To Mr. Bob Armstrong. Your basic information is correct. Central Arms Co. The serial number you give is indicative of a Crescent made gun. The other marks you mentioned were used by Stevens. The late shotgun researcher and writer Mr. Joseph T. Vorisek re-established the serial number-year made tables as part of his research for his book "The Breech Loading Shotgun In America to " His work is only an approximation but it's all we have.

According to those tables, your gun was made in approximately March To be sure, I suggest you take the gun to a good well qualified gunsmith for an examination. It certainly is not designed for modern high pressure 3 inch or magnum shells loaded with steel shot or solid slugs.

The serial numbers for outside hammer guns for start within January and end within December. That is a total of 22, guns for the year. Divide by 12 and thats 1, guns a month. You can do the math.